Our Story

The world is changing. Yes, we all know that but there are a few things in life that have not changed much. Take shopping for example. You find something appealing; spend money on it and its yours until it lasts. Internet may have changed the shopping game a little but the dynamics still remain the same. Spend money, get your worth of money and spend some more. What is the point of spending if the benefits of your purchase last till its expiry date? Why spend money on something that will break or decay over a period of time?

That is why the ERS (E Ration shop) has been launch on internet. Sure, this may be the fate of every product; but not at ERS. ERS has taken the shopping game a step further by filling your shopping cart with benefits that may last longer than your purchase. Sounds dubious? It sure does. Because ERS is all set to revolutionize the shopping experience.

Bringing together a roster of alluring and mind blowing products, ERS does not just make you shop till you drop, but also gives you a chance to get something twice as amazing as the product itself. ERS has laid the foundation of a unique system where shoppers get more than just the product, but an amazing compensation plan that is not just fabulously lucrative, but so flexible that it feels like its custom tailored for the consumer.

Simple, risk free, extremely rewarding and flexible is what the amazing system of ERS is all about. With a wide selection of products to choose from and a compensation plan as an added bonus with every product, ERS assures that shoppers get more than just their products; but an opportunity to unfold a bright and prosperous future . At ERS, we do not just sell an item; but we sell the ticket to a glorious tomorrow almost for no price. So what are you waiting for? Buy something, become an ambassador and climb aboard the ship that always sails in one direction           success.

ERS Introduction

The E-Ration shop is "A key to financial freedom" who offers Business opportunities in an untraditional way. "We do great because of our customers"

Yes many people make money with ERS, and you can too! It is all up to YOU...
A Proven, Mind-Numbing, Easy-to-Follow System That Could Easily Transform YOUR Life! Work Less, Make More Easy-to-Duplicate, Battle-Tested Techniques That Offer You The Ability to Create Unrivalled Wealth For YOU In Short Period of Time!