1. What is base of this business Ans .Team work base 2 How and how much company pays. Ans. If your earning is 1000 points or more you can cash out at daily bases all less then 1000 amounts are payed on every sunday. 3. How many times special bounas is given at 5 refferal Ans. It paid on each 5 referal any member can win this bounas at complitiion of 5 members at his direct profile 4. How a member can draw his earning online Ans.. Via easy paisa mobile account and bank account of any bank except NBP(having minimum online transfer facility) 5. How much time required for withdrawl Ans. Maximum 24 hrs and minimum 1 hr 6. How much maximum revenue income can be recieved Ans. Maximum 5000 Rupees (PKR) 6. How much daily income limit in binary Ans. 6000 maximum 7.How long company will run Ans. Minimum 10 year 8. On one email how many account can be register Ans. No limit in this regards.