ERS Income Plans


    • i. To signup, Customer of ERS. Must be at the legal age in one state or country.
    • ii. ERS reserves the right to accept and/or reject Customer referred without providing any reasons or explanations on such rejection. ERS will not entertain any appeal on rejected cases.
    • iii. ERS Customer is not an employee, agent, representative, or franchisee of ERS, and agrees not to incur any obligation, debt, and expense on behalf of, or in the name of ERS and its websites. He/she is only authorized to purchase products from ERS and/or refer new Customers to ERS in accordance with the Terms & Conditions stipulated herein.
    • iv. All Customers of ERS are eligible to benefit from commissions and/or bonuses in accordance with the Gold Reward Program.
    • v. Payment of all taxes and/or tariffs applicable will be the responsibility of the Customers.
    • vi. There is currently no annual customer fee and Customer administration fee. These fees, however, may be added in the future at ERS's sole discretion.

  2. ERS has provided freedom of fund transfer to its customer from one account to another for customers convenience, misuse of this service may result in suspension of ERS Account.

    • i. Make sure you know the Customer you are getting funds from, through Transfer Fund option.
    • ii. Company has the right to suspend all the accounts that are involved in the illegal transfer transactions.
    • iii. As a Customer of ERS, you are responsible for any funds transferred in and out of your account The Company will not accept excuses such as unable to locate the Customer who sold you the funds.
    • iv. Its your duty to inform ERS If you find that funds have been transferred in or out of your account without your knowledge.
    • v. The Company will suspend all the accounts involved in the transfer transactions until the full amounts have been recovered by the victim.
    • i. All newly confirmed orders are processed by ERS on weekly basis. ERS pays the commission to qualified Customers in the following manner: a. Commissions earned shall be paid within ONE (1) week from the sales cut-off date.
    • ii. Your weekly commission is automatically deposited to your Earned Commission Bank (Statement).
    • iii. The commissions can be withdrawn by following ways :
    •  Commission can be cash by up line Leader.  Commission can be cash by making new account. It can be cash by the company Admin. It can be cash by getting amount to other leader.
    • i. Delivery of Product is made within 3 to 4 weeks from the date of official confirmation of order or redemption. (Subject to the country's Law).
    • ii. ERS and their Agents/ customer are using a reliable courier services for the product delivery or try to deliver by themselves.
    • iii. Delivery charges will have to be paid by the customer at the time of purchasing/redeeming the product.
    • iv. Product delivery charges can be paid through the following options:
    • * At the time of joining of customer.
    • i. Any Cash Payment to ERS is the responsibility of the customer only.
    • ii. ERS accepts payment from Authorized leader.
    • iii. If the Agent fails to include the mentioned bank charges, ERS reserves the right to deduct from the commission earned or withhold such order until the mentioned bank charges are remitted to ERS.
    • iv. Leader is responsible to ensure that the delivery of products can be made smoothly.
  6. 6. Customer service Care:
    • In case of any related to IT accounts, theft, illegal activities, complaint, please send email to
    • In case of any query related to products and services, product advice, product delivery, damage complaint, please email to
    • In case of any query related to information, news, knowledge, advises, suggestions, please send email to