Rozi Online was doing well since we did business There were some ups and downs also but we were still careful Our accountants and our inverters were very happy We were giving them profits And commission .Our business was forex-based and we tried to do very well So that all our Economic conditions go well. In the forex there is a loss even when you make a profit continuously but even more than this, happened with us at the beginning of Covid-19 as EurUsd fell down from 1.1500 to 1.0650 points and same goes with other market out of trends we were shaken badly .The shock of Covid was not yet over that the oil market fell down at -37 which crashed to all our accounts into washed conditions. So we were unable to continue with same sprit and worth .But dear ladies and Gentleman We have accounts and statements of all our account holders and investors . We would like to compensate them as we get in better conditions . We have come here in Dubai and tried our best here to get some massive investment so that continue our fanancial flow to our members but we could not succeed due to lack of faith in market.
We request all our members Stay with us If you have any money left with us, then we will definitely pay you. It May take some time .

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You'd have to be living under a rock to never run into someone involved in multi-level marketing

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We wanted to simply share with you some of the inspirations we've had through the years.

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Well, we think most people, probably including you, are looking for success, want to be successful.

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